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This program is mainly carried out by teachers from Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and experts from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Chinese National Academy of Arts and Jingdezhen Ceramic University are invited to participate. Facing young overseas students who are not Chinese native speakers, the program welcomes participants from all countries and of all ages. It presents the art of Chinese ceramic sculpture in a vivid and graphic way through the appreciation, while learning the Chinese language and combining it with video images. The program will establish a platform for overseas young students to learn more about Chinese traditional culture and art and promote mutual exchange and communication between teachers and students, as well as among trainees. The project team will make posters for the promotion and enrollment of relevant overseas partner institutions, clarify the main content, time and registration requirements of the program, and carries out project registration activities. After the students have enrolled, they will be examined to confirm the possibility of their participation in the online exchange program and to ensure the smooth implementation of the program later. The Chinese Bridge Delegation Online, “Appreciation and Practice of Traditional Chinese Ceramic Sculpture Art”, is expected to continuously strengthen the ties and emotions between young Chinese and foreign students, stimulate interest and love for learning Chinese traditional culture, and spread the influence of Chinese excellent traditional culture to the world in a better way. Through project learning, the participants are motivated to pay attention to their own national cultural and artistic characteristics, and strengthen the cultural exchange and emotional communication between different nationalities. The program activities cover the overview of traditional Chinese sculpture art, as well as the artistic aspects, steps and material tools of ceramic sculpture. It combines lectures by renowned experts, demonstration and practice of ceramic sculpture, and other teaching methods such as real-time lectures online teaching, video broadcasting, and homework review to show the characteristics of traditional Chinese ceramic sculpture art in a comprehensive and multi-level way, allowing overseas students from different countries, nationalities, cultural backgrounds and age levels to deeply experience the charm of Chinese ceramic sculpture art.






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