Beijing Foreign Studies University



From October 18th to November 1st, 2022, Beijing Foreign Studies University will hold “The Charm of Culture” 2022 BFSU Online Autumn Camp. The 7-day autumn camp, focusing on “cultural characteristics”, offers 10 class hours of Chinese language courses, 2 immersive cultural talks and 2 international youth forums, accompanied by a variety of pre-recorded video clips. The camp features the combinations of small-size language learning tutorials and large-size cultural talks, and of live and recorded videos. A total of 200 people from 15 countries signed up for this camp and will study together, learn from each other and feel the charm of Chinese culture in this short but productive journey. Aimed at demonstrating China’s ancient and modern, diverse and unique, harmonious and beautiful culture through online language learning and cultural immersion, this camp provides a platform for campers to improve Chinese language, perceive Chinese culture and better understand contemporary China, so as to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange and interaction between China and the world.


General Courses 通用课程