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From August 9 to 16, 2022, BFSU Office of Confucius Institutes will hold the 2022 BFSU “Enjoy Chinese food and taste oriental Flavor” Online Summer Camp. A total of 212 campers from 21 countries participated in this summer camp. The camp will be held 8 days. The theme of summer camp is Chinese food and food culture. The content of the course will focus on " The major cuisines in China ", "Chinese dining etiquette", " Local specialty food (mainly in Beijing)", " The delivery clerks in cities ", " Visiting friends and relatives ", " The Chinese New Year dinner" to help you to understand Chinese food culture.

北京外国语大学孔子学院工作处将于2022年8月9日至2022年8月16日,举办2022年北京外国语大学“享中华美食·品东方之味”线上夏令营令营,共有来自21个国家的212名营员参加本次夏令营。本次夏令营为期8天,内容定位为讲授中国餐饮及餐饮文化为主题的夏令营,课程内容将聚焦“中国美食派系”、“中国餐饮礼仪”、“北京为主的特色美食”、“城市的外卖员”、“ 走亲访友”、“中国的年夜饭”讲述中国餐饮文化。

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