Resource Pool 资源库课程

Chinese Tea Art


This course, entitled "Tea Culture Foundation", is about the origin of tea, the botanical characteristics of tea, production regions of tea in China, types and characteristics of tea. Through the demonstration of brewing Zhengshan Xiaozhong black tea with a cover bowl and the demonstration of brewing West Lake Longjing tea with a glass, it explains the specifications and etiquette in the process of tea making, as well as brewing skills and drinking methods, so as to improve learners’ cognition of tea culture, continuously improve in learning and practice, comprehend the extensive and profound knowledge of Chinese tea culture in practice, experience the pleasure of making tea, learn the truth of being a man, feel the nourishment of tea to the body and the mind in the the process of drinking, and improve the abilities of learners' comprehension, expression and critical thinking in the teaching and practice of the course.