Zhengzhou Electric Power College


Zhengzhou Electric Power College is a general higher education institution jointly established by the central and local governments, organized by the electric power industry, with vocational education in the field of electric power as its main focus. It is an important training base for electric power technology and skilled personnel in the central and southern regions of China. The college actively implements key initiatives such as the "National Vocational Education Reform Plan" and the "Promotion of Education Action for Building the Belt and Road Initiative." It has established the first diploma-level overseas education project in the country, the "China-Nepal Electric Power Silk Road Institute," and founded the "Belt and Road" Electric Power Silk Road Institute Alliance. It has been selected as one of the first pilot colleges for the Sino-German Advanced Vocational Education Cooperation Project, laying a solid foundation for the internationalization of vocational education at the college.



Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程