Tiangong University


Tiangong University (TGU) is a state-run full-time institution of higher education, which is jointly established by the national Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government. The university has a long history with its earliest departments established in 1912.It began to run independently in 1958 as “Hebei Textile and Engineering School”,which was changed to “Tianjin Textile and Engineering School” in 1968. It was not renamed as “Tianjin Polytechnic University” until the year 2000 and then “Tiangong University” in 2019. In 2017, the university has been selected as the national “Double First-Class” world first-class discipline construction university. Now TGU has developed into a multidisciplinary engineering university with coordinated development of engineering, sciences, management, economics, laws and arts.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程