Shandong Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Technology is a full-time public undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education and established by the People's Government of Shandong Province. Located in Dongying City, Shandong Province, the college covers an area of 782,667 square meters, with a building area of 371,000 square meters, a total value of 130 million yuan of teaching instruments and equipment, and a library of 960,000 paper books and over 4.77 million electronic books. There are 182 experimental centers and training rooms for petroleum equipment, energy science and other types of experiments. There are 596 faculty members in the college. We have 439 full-time teachers, including 170 with senior titles. The college is open to students from 28 provinces and cities (autonomous regions), with more than 9,400 students enrolled. The college consists of 7 teaching schools, including the School of Petroleum Engineering, the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, the School of Economic Management, Humanities and Law, the School of Education and Modern Media (the School of Continuing Education), the School of Big Data and Basic Science (the School of Marxism), and the School of Biological Medicine and Nursing. We offer 37 undergraduate majors such as petroleum engineering. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, we have undertaken more than 580 teaching and research projects at all levels, including the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Plan, and the New Engineering Research and Practice Project of the Ministry of Education. We have won more than 430 awards for teaching and research achievements at the municipal level and above, authorized 75 invention patents, published more than 470 high-level academic papers and 3 national planning textbooks. Students have won more than 850 awards in high-level national competitions, and 96 projects have been established in the national innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students. In the past three years, the year-end employment rate of graduates is above 92%, and the quality of graduates is widely praised by employers and the society.



学院(马克思主义学院)、生物医药与护理学院等7个教学院,开设石油工程等37个本科专业。 “十三五”以来,学院承担国家自然科学基金、国家科技计划、教育部新工科研究与实践项目等各级教科研项目580余项。获市厅级以上教科研成果奖430余项,授权发明专利75件,发表高水平学术论文470余篇,出版国家级规划教材3部。


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