Zhongshan Polytechnic


Zhongshan Polytechnic is located in Zhongshan City, which is in the south of China, facing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and 65 kilometers southeast of Macao. Zhongshan is one of the central cities in the Pearl River Delta, an important node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and one of the most beautiful cities in the South China Sea. Founded in 2004, our college covers an area of 860 mu (573,000 square meters). There are 9 secondary faculties, with more than 11,000 full-time students and 480 full-time teachers. In terms of specialty setting, by fully considering the needs of regional economic and social development and industrial characteristics and the characteristics and needs of Zhongshan's industry, we have established five major groups, including intelligent manufacturing, modern services, art design, electronic information, and fine chemicals, with 35 majors. The college vigorously promotes the reform of talent training mode. For example, we have implemented the talent training mode of "school in factories" based on the college S&T park and various studios, and that of "factories in school" based on an industrial school and enterprise modern apprenticeship system. Importantly, graduates’ satisfaction rate with their employers reaches 95%. We have four industrial schools. By extending education to the industrial park, we’ve seen an education pattern invested and promoted by the government, industry, enterprises, chambers of commerce, research institutes and our college. The education mechanism involving the government, our college and enterprises of resource sharing, talent co-cultivation, major co-construction, teacher co-training, college-enterprise internship and employment co-promotion, and joint innovation has trained a large number of technical and skilled talents for enterprises in Zhongshan and even Guangdong Province. Our college has established friendly exchanges and cooperation with 41 universities or educational institutions in 16 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, etc., to form an international exchange and cooperation system with multi-level development in many fields, such as education for academic qualifications, short-term training, and people to people exchanges.


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