Guangzhou City Polytechnic


Guangzhou City Polytechnic is a model higher vocational college in Guangdong Province, approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province in March 2005 and filed by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and organized by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. The history of the college can be traced back to as early as 1962 and has trained more than 300,000 talents in the past 60 years for society. In December 2009, the college passed the talent training evaluation of the Ministry of Education with excellent grades. In April 2020, it was identified as a model higher vocational college in Guangdong Province by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, and in August 2022, identified as a provincial High-level construction college. The faculty of the college is well-structured and highly qualified. Currently, there are 746 faculty members, including 528 full-time teachers, among which 152 with senior titles and 426 with double qualities. Focusing on serving Guangzhou's urban construction and urban service, the college has set up the School of Urban Construction Engineering, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of International Business, the School of Food Science and Food Health, the School of Public Management (Community Management) (jointly with the School of Community Drug Control), the School of Art and Design (jointly with the School of Film Technology), the School of Tourism, the Guan Shanyue School of Chinese Painting (jointly with the Xu Hongfei Sculpture Institute) , the School of Ancient Chinese Literature Study (jointly with Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance school), the School of Marxist, the School of Continuing Education, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Basic Course Teaching Department, International Cooperation and Exchange Center (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Center), Higher Vocational Education Research Institute (jointly with Guangzhou Community Education Service and Guidance Center),etc. The college has 2 national key majors, 2 key majors supported by the central government, 2 key majors of provincial higher vocational education, 4 key majors of provincial model schools, 4 provincial second-class brand majors, and 7 provincial high-level construction professional groups.


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