Wuhan Polytechnic


Wuhan Polytechnic, located in Wuhan · China Optics Valley, is a public institution of higher vocational education (IHVE) under the direct administration of Hubei Provincial Department of Education. WHPT has 1451 faculty and 22,000 students, 13 schools and 69 specialties. It is one of the first national demonstration higher vocational colleges in Hubei Province, and one of the colleges included in the Construction Plan of National High Level Vocational Colleges and High Level Specialties. It has established cooperation and exchange relations with 107 schools or education institutions from 28 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia, Ireland and Singapore, Singapore. It has carried out 55 international education projects of various kinds and enrolled more than 600 international students. WHPT has been awarded the Awards of Excellence by World Federation for Colleges and Polytechnics.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程