Heze Vocational College


Heze Vocational College (HVC) is a full-time institution of higher education approved by Shandong Provincial Government and put on record by the Ministry of Education. HVC consists of 11 departments, including Commerce and Logistics Department, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department, International Exchange College, etc. HVC has two professional groups of Shandong Advanced Vocational Education Brand--E-commerce Logistics major group and Artificial Intelligence major group. There are a total of 718 teachers in HVC, including 543full-time teachers, 149 associate senior and above professional and technical talents, 546 master and above degree holders. HVC owns a 100,000-square-meter National Industry-education Integration Training Base, in which the value of training equipment is up to 110 million yuan.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程