Hohhot Vocational College


Hohhot Vocational College is a comprehensive higher vocational college in Hohhot, with a long history. It is reputed as “High-quality Higher Vocational College” and “Demonstrative Higher Vocational College” in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Covering an area of 2016 mu, the college governs 15 departments, 3 teaching support departments, 13 administrative offices and 2 mass organizations. It boasts a group of outstanding double-position teachers, advanced and complete teaching and research equipment and instruments and rich collection of books. With 69 specialties covering several fields and disciplines, the college has formed a favorable pattern characterized by coordinated development of multiple disciplines. The college actively carries out various types of academic degree education and non-degree education and has trained a large number of technical talents for the society. In the past three years, its annual enrollment plan has been around 5,000 students, completion rate of the plan has reached 99.5% and initial employment rate of graduates has exceeded 95%. The college greatly strengthens cooperation with enterprises. It has jointly established staff training bases and industrial colleges with large-scale enterprises such as State Grid East Inner Mongolia, Xinte Silicon and China Guangdong Nuclear, set ordered and titled training specialties and classes and created a benchmark for “dual system” ordered training. With a long history of international cooperation, the college has implemented Sino-foreign cooperative academic education programs in cooperation with Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand), Vitebsk State University (Belarus) and Brest State Technical University (Belarus). In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, the college has achieved fruitful results. It has constructed student innovation and entrepreneurship bases and introduced many enterprises to settle in such bases. In addition, it applies for job-hunting and entrepreneurship subsidies for students and encourages students to participate in various “innovation and entrepreneurship” competitions. A great many students won prizes. Relying on centurial history, the college has developed its campus spirit and integrated excellent Chinese traditional culture, socialist core values and consolidation of the sense of community for the Chinese nation into the whole process of education. The college was identified as “Advanced Unit in Terms of Creating National Civilized Campuses” by Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee and the Ministry of Education. In addition, it was awarded such honorable titles as “Demonstrative Unit in National Vocational College Digitalization Campus Construction” and “Bench-marking Digital Campus in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”. At present, the college is actively creating a digital, garden-like, modern and beautiful campus from multiple dimensions.

Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程