Shanxi Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering


Profile of Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Founded in 1958, it is a full-time ordinary higher vocational college sponsored by the people's Government of Shanxi Province and directly under the Department of Education of Shanxi Province. The college won the "top 50 influential Asia Pacific Vocational Colleges in 2019", and was selected as the construction unit of high-level higher vocational schools and specialty construction plan (double high program) with Chinese characteristics in 2019. 

The college is located in Changzhi City, a provincial sub central city, covering an area of 373300 square meters, with a total value of fixed assets of nearly 1.1 billion yuan. At present, there are nearly 500 teaching staff, 27.8% of whom are professors, associate professors and other senior professional and technical personnel, and 90.29% are "double qualified" teachers. There are 10 teaching departments, including the Department of mechanical engineering, the Department of numerical control engineering, the Department of electrical engineering, the Department of automotive engineering, the Department of information engineering, the Department of material engineering, the Department of economic and trade management, the Department of foundation, the Department of Ideological and Political Theory teaching and research, and the Department of physical education and art teaching. There are more than 10000 students and 46 international students.

The college serves the "the Belt and Road" and international production capacity cooperation, encourages students to go abroad for employment internships, encourages international students to participate in international skills competitions, carries out joint training with large enterprises actively expanding international business, and cooperates with "going global" enterprises to carry out technical skills training and vocational education for local employees in Zambia.




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