Dongying Vocational Institute


Dongying Vocational Institute (DVI) is a full-time ordinary school approved by Shandong Province Government with 1017 faculty members and more than 18,000 students, consisting of 8 affiliated academic faculties : namely, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering School, Petroleum Equipment and Electromechanical Engineering School, Construction and Environmental Engineering School, Accounting School, Economy, Trade and Management School, Electronic Information and Media School, Biological and Ecological Engineering School, and Teachers' Education School and a mixed ownership school of Aviation. With the characteristics of petroleum and petrochemical, innovation and entrepreneurship brand, artificial intelligence highlights, open education path and integration mechanism of industry and education, DVI offers 55 majors and enrolls students from 18 provinces and regions in China and is awarded as the “National backbone Higher Vocational institute”, “Quality Higher Vocational Institute in Shandong Province” and a construction unit of China’s “Double High-level Vocational Plan”. DVI attaches great importance to the international exchanges and has explored and formed an open-up way under the theme of “Three in-bound and three out-bound”, which is introducing the international advanced education mode in, bringing in high-quality educational resources and inviting international students; and promoting schools’ educational management & teachings worldwide, encouraging faculty teaching staff to improve their vocational education capabilities universally and offering students employment opportunity globally. Up to now, DVI has established friendly and cooperation relations with 40 foreign universities and founded an international school in cooperation with Kerui Groups. Besides, DVI has also established a Confucius School in Melbourne Australia, a “Master’s Workshop” at Linden university in Malaysia, a “Luban workshop” with Taita Taveta University in Kenya, a “China-Kenya vocational and technical education and training center” and an AHK vocational training center between German and China (Dong Ying). “language education center ”with Almeyevsk State Petroleum Institute in Russia. 289 teachers have been sent to the United States, Tanzania, Hungary, Taiwan and other countries for exchanging and142 students in eight groups went to Taiwan for one-semester study, and 210 students from South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries came to the DVI for visiting and studying. The project “Cultural and educational exchange activities between youth in the Yellow River estuary” which has been rated as an excellent project by Taiwan Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial Government.


学校高度重视国际交流工作,多年来,探索形成了“三进三出” 开放办学路径。即:把国际先进职教模式引进来,把优质职教资源引进来,把留学生引进来;学校走出去办学,教师走出去提升职教能力,学生学员走出去就业。截至目前,学校国(境)外40所高校建立友好合作关系,与科瑞控股集团合作共建了国际学院,在澳大利亚墨尔本明德学堂建立“孔子学堂”,在马来西亚林登大学设立名师工作坊,与肯尼亚泰塔塔维塔大学共建“鲁班工坊”和“中肯职业技术教育培训中心”,成立了AHK中德(东营)职业培训中心,与俄罗斯阿尔梅耶夫斯克国立石油学院互设语言教育中心。


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