Harbin University of Science and Technology


Harbin University of Science and Technology is located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Founded in 1950, with more than 70 years of development, the university has now become a teaching and research university based on engineering and combined with sciences, with the coordinated development of economics, management, philosophy, literature, law, education and the arts, featuring with strong educational strength and distinctive characteristics. As the largest engineering university managed by Provincial Education Department, it is selected by the Heilongjiang Government as domestic “Double First-Class” university. In 2018, the university was selected as domestic "Double First-Class" University in Heilongjiang Province, and the discipline of "Engineering" entered the world top 1% discipline list of ESI for the first time; In 2020, the discipline of "Material Science" entered the list of the world top 1% disciplines of ESI; In 2021, "Chemistry" discipline entered the world top 1% discipline list of ESI. For more than 70 years since the founding, the university has trained over two hundred thousands of outstanding talents including academicians, entrepreneurs and researchers for the manufacturing industry throughout the country. The university has been hailed as "the cradle of modern engineers" by the society and has been praised by the enterprise (industry) as the talents fountain in the wire and cable industry. We sincerely welcome the young talents home and abroad to come to our university for study and research.




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