Shandong Vocational College of Industry


Shandong Vocational College of Industry is a full-time college approved by Shandong Provincial Government and kept on record by Ministry of Education. Established in 1959, the College has been awarded Shandong High-Quality Vocational College, Shandong Reputable College with Skill-oriented Characteristics, Experimental Unit of Modern Apprenticeship by the Ministry of Education, National Demonstrative College of Digitalized Campus, Training Basis of Dual-qualification Teachers and Demonstrative College of Cyber Learning. The College has attached great attention to campus culture, and forged the motto “Seek the Truth, Improve creativity”, the spirit “Inquisitiveness, Inclusiveness and Cooperation”, the teachers’ spirit “Love Students, Enjoy Teaching” and students’ spirit “Diligence and Perseverance”, altogether into the campus culture featured by Steel and Fire. Established in 1959, the College is now situated in High-tech District of Zibo, east to ancient capital of Qi State, west to the Dye House, south to the hometown of Wang Yuyang and north to the former residence of Pu Songling. It covers an area of about 70 hectares with a floor space of 375,000 square meters and a variety of equipment for practice whose total value amounts to 210,000,000 yuan. The College has a staff of 715 persons, among which 590 are teachers and over 200 are professors or associate professors. Those with master’s degrees and above account for 81.26%. There are 13000 students on the campus. The College consists of six secondary colleges, namely School of Metallurgical and Automobile Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Architectural and Information Engineering, School of Business Management and School of Fundamental Education and Art, with 55 majors in 12 categories. The College has advanced equipment for practice, abundant resources for education, strong teaching power, successful management and great achievements in education and teaching. The College has cooperation with 25 institutions and enterprises from 12 countries, including Germany, the USA, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand etc. and initiated in establishment of Cooperation Research Center for Shandong Province and Pakistan. The project, named “China-Congo (Kinshasa) Vocational Technological College, Deziwa”, has been awarded as China’s oversea vocational college. The College has also established oversea training basis mutually with the Infinity School of Engineering in Pakistan. Additionally, the College has tried its best to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and “going-out” enterprises, conduct training of technology and skills for improvement of talent output; teachers’ training in foreign countries has been enforced to build a faculty with international visions. The College is among the tops ones in term of educating level.

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