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Xinyang University 2022 “Chinese Bridge”Online Training Program - Music, Kung Fu, Tea, and Shadow Play


This program, entitled Xinyang University 2022 "Chinese Bridge" Online Training Program - Music, Kung Fu, Tea, and Shadow Play, is sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, the Ministry of Education, and undertaken by Xinyang University, which aims to enhance foreign students' understanding of Chinese language, culture, including Xinyang regional culture, by combining online teaching with cultural experience activities. This online program takes "enjoying music, practicing Kong Fu, tasting tea, and listening to Shadow Play" as the main line. Through rich video courses such as "Shaolin Chain Fist", "knowing Xinyang tea", "the beauty of shadow play", "tasting Xinyang food -- (Eating in Xinyang)", "knowing koi, the Chinese pet fish", "Chinese characters hidden in paintings", and live broadcast courses such as "colorful traditional Chinese music", "talking about Xinyang", "Traveling in Nanwan Lake& Jigong Mountain", "Paper cutting", "Beauty of Chinese Characters (Calligraphy)" and other different contents show the beauty of Chu charm in Henan style.


本次线上交流活动以“赏乐、习武、品茶、听戏”为主线,通过丰富的视频课程 “少林连环拳”,“认识信阳茶”,“皮影之美”,“体验信阳美食 --(舌尖上的信阳)”,“认识中国人的宠物鱼--锦鲤”,“藏在画中的汉字”以及云端实时课程“丰富多彩的中国传统音乐”、“话说信阳”, “云游南湾湖+鸡公山”,“剪纸”,“汉字之美(书法)”等不同内容,全方位展示豫风楚韵之唯美。

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程