Henan University of Chinese Medicine


As the cradle of Chinese civilization, Henan Province is also the main birthplace of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Founded in 1958, in Zhengzhou, Henan’s capital city, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HUCM) has 5 campuses with over 20,000 students now. In 1993, it started to offer education for overseas students as one of the 1st universities qualified to recruit international students approved by China Ministry of Education. You may study degree programs (Bachelor, Master and Doctor), short-term courses or Chinese language trainings at HUCM. Majors are TCM, Chinese Pharmacy, Acupuncture & Massage, etc. A comprehensive study of TCM - Acupuncture - Health Preservation - Martial Arts - Meditation is the educational characteristic at HUCM. Welcome to study at HUCM!

河南是华夏文明的摇篮,中医药的主要发源地。 河南中医药大学位于省会郑州市,创建于1958年,现有5个校区,目前在校生两万余人。



Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程