Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College


Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College is a full-time college approved by Guangdong Provincial People's Government in March 2009 (Guangdong Government Letter No.47,2009) and registered by the Ministry of Education of China under Huashang Education Group. It recruits national task students for general higher education inside and outside the province, and has the right to issue junior college academic certificates. School is located in Guangzhou vice center increase city li new avenue, covers an area of nearly 300000 square meters, construction area of more than 30 square meters, with professional facilities, advanced facilities experimental training building, rich books, complete category of library, standard modern stadiums, for the school teachers and students learning work provides a good beautiful campus environment. At present, the school students scale of more than 17000 people, with staff more than 900 people, has a sufficient number, reasonable structure, noble ethics, business exquisite full-time teachers, with business administration, international economy and trade, accounting, finance, hotel management, education and art, information engineering, intelligent engineering, health medicine, international education and other 10 secondary college, a total of 56 recruit students. School since its establishment, closely around the national higher vocational education policy, adhere to the "optimize structure, focus, reasonable layout, highlight characteristic" professional construction thought, constantly strengthen the top design, focusing on the needs of national and local industry development, adjust and optimize professional structure, gradually formed the business, engineering, medical health, expand education, art design and modern service professional group, multidisciplinary professional coordinated development trend. The school has continuously defined its orientation, developed its philosophy, formed distinctive ideas: based on vocational education, high quality, local service, and first-class, adhering to the "moral education" as the foundation, taking the characteristic specialty, ability training, entrepreneurship and employment as the way, and strengthening the connotation construction, and embarked on a path of scientific development, innovation and characteristic development. The school has won extensive praise from all walks of life with its advanced school-running philosophy, strong school-running strength, scientific training program and good training quality. In recent years, the enrollment rate of the school ranks firmly in the forefront of similar colleges and universities in the province, and the employment rate of graduates has reached more than 97%. The graduates are widely praised by employers and fully recognized by the society and their parents for their "high professional quality, fast working speed and strong practical skills". School has won the "national characteristic running advanced collective", "China's vocational education employment hundred", "China's top 50 vocational education", "private vocational colleges talent training innovation award", "Guangdong contemporary outstanding private school award" and other honorary titles, comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced, has steadily into the forefront of similar colleges and universities in Guangdong province.







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