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Beijing Polytechnic College is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing. It is a general higher vocational college sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Government. It was designated as member of the first group of independent higher vocational colleges, a national model higher vocational college, and the presidium college of the National Association of Higher Vocational College Principals. Founded in 1956, BPC was formerly known as Beijing Coal Industry School, affiliated to the Ministry of Coal Industry. It has offered higher vocational education courses since 1994 and was officially designated a polytechnic college in 1999. BPC is currently comprised of 7 teaching schools and departments, together with the School of Continuing Education, and the School of International Education. There are 5 professional groups, covering 8 major categories with 27 majors. Through many years of hard work, BPC has become an institution with a unique professional training system primarily focusing on engineering education but also offering strengths in industry and trade, economics, management, and humanities and legal education, to help meet Beijing’s urgent need for urban construction, operation, management and service.

In 2000, BPC was accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a member of the first group of national demonstration vocational and technical college construction units. In 2002, it was designated as a Model College with national financial key support for construction. In 2003, BPC was chosen as one of the top eight colleges in the evaluation of talent cultivation work in higher vocational and specialized colleges organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, it became one of the 100 key higher vocational colleges under the support of national government. In 2015, it was designated by Beijing Municipality as one the three pilot higher vocational colleges to offer High-end Technological Capabilities Training programs. BPC was designated by the MOE as one of the first colleges participating in the “Going Global” Vocational Education Pilot Project in 2016. BPC has been approved as a Beijing Municipal Distinctive High-Level Vocational Construction Institute and was included in the Construction Plan of High-Level Higher Vocational Colleges and Professionals Group with Chinese Characteristics in 2019. Against this backdrop, BPC is ranked among the top 50 such institutions in China in graduate employment rate, teaching management and teaching resources, and it was recognized as one of the 50 most influential vocational colleges in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019. BPC ranks first among all higher vocational colleges nationwide in terms of teaching quality and student skills competition. BPC is considered to be one of the most influential vocational colleges in China as its principle academic indicators and comprehensive education management strength are first among all national vocational colleges.


Emphasizing moral education as a fundamental goal, Beijing Polytechnic College (BPC) adheres to the principle of ‘People-oriented, Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude’. It follows the academic tradition of ‘Virtue, Erudition, Expertise, and Ingenuity’. BPC has remained committed to the concept of “interaction between colleges and enterprises, combining industry and education, integration of knowledge learning and skills training”, thereby promoting school openness and integration, so as to propel high-quality development of its connotation, characteristics and variation.


Focusing on the strategic position of the capital city, BPC plays an active role in serving the major development strategies of China and Beijing. It is committed to the path leading to “high-end, sophisticated, informationalized and international” development by carrying out professional education in the fields of Beijing’s urban construction, operation, management, and service. BPC brings every effort to bear to deepen and strengthen the integration of industry and academy, the combination of education and urban development, as well as the fusion of education and training, so as to cultivate comprehensive, international high-quality technical skills. BPC aims to contribute to serving society and improving its international influence in vocational education. Looking to the future, we are continually striving to become a superlative, distinguished, higher vocational college offering advanced education with a global perspective.