Laiwu Vocational and Technical College(LWVC)


LWVC is a public full-time regular vocational college at tertiary level with the history of nearly 70 years, approved by local government. The college is one of the first skilled talents training schools with excellent characteristic in Shandong Province, and the construction unit of the construction project of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province. School has been rated as the national vocational colleges digital campus construction model school, the national vocational colleges charm campus, the Ministry of Education modern apprenticeship pilot unit. The university covers an area of 1,167 mu, with fixed assets of 840 million yuan, a total value of equipment of 190million yuan, and a collection of 1.01 million book. There are 780 faculty members, including 585 full-time teachers, 269professors and associate professors, and 502 doctors and masters. It has 9 departments and 43 enrollment majors, and enrolls more than 13300 full-time students from 13 provinces(autonomous regions). The college has totally trained 46,000 graduates for the society. The college gives full play to its resource advantages, actively carries out international schooling, and promotes overseas high-quality cooperation and opening up. In cooperation with more than 10 colleges and scientific research institutions in Germany, North Korea, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan etc., we have carried out two Sino-Foreign cooperative college education projects, the Sino-German Automobile and the Sino-US Nursing projects, introducing 30 international courses and 2 international licenses. The college has established Sino-Thai International Education Institute, namely Laiwu Vocational and Technical College Overseas Branch, and jointly formulated and released the Sino-Thai Mechatronics Technology Professional Training Program. We has output 16 courses, and 2 courses were certified by the Ministry of Education of Thailand, and the college is the first certified vocational college in Shandong province. In 2021, we led the establishment of the Southeast Asia Vocational Education Overseas Education Alliance. The college worked together with enterprises to serve the construction of the "Belt and Road", and the case was selected as an excellent case of foreign cooperation and exchange between vocational colleges and universities at the Asian Education Forum in 2021. Besides, the college jointly built Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Industry College with Xinyou Manning (Shandong) Education Group Co., Ltd.



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