Hangzhou Vocational & Technical College


Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College, a full-time institution of higher vocational education sponsored by the city authority, is today a state-level career school known for its excellent teaching and training performance, and was named a B-class vocational school of Chinese characteristics in 2019. The College has nine secondary schools that altogether offer thirty eight degree programs, including tourism management and fashion design & technology. Aware of the city’s need of workforce in major industries, the College is still working closely with Chinese companies and even other schools from other countries. HVTC was the winner of WFCP Award last year and several other honors, like “Top 50 Career Colleges in Job Market”, “Top 50 Colleges of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Top 50 Colleges in Asian Pacific Region”, over the past years.


学校紧密对接杭州主导产业发展需求,深入推进校企合作、产教融合,积极开展国际交流合作。先后获评“2020世界职教院校联盟(WFCP)卓越奖 ”“全国高职院校就业竞争力50强”“创新创业典型经验高校50强”“亚太职业院校影响力50强”等一系列荣誉。

Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程