Beijing College of Sports


Beijing College of Sports is a higher vocational college of sports established by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports in June 2008 with the approval from the Beijing Municipal People's Government and filed with the Ministry of Education of the PRC. Current majors include Competitive Sports, Sports Training (Competitive Physical Training Orientation), Social Sports (Health and Fitness Orientation), Sports Health, and Sports Service and Management. The College pays attention to the training of vocational skills of sports and delivers various sports professionals with good vocational qualities, relevant theoretical knowledge, and professional skills to develop Beijing into an international sports center city, and acts as a bridge for the smooth transition and employment of athletes after retirement at the same time. In addition, the College provides various kinds of job qualification training related to the sports occupation to cultivate sports talents from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels. It is a vocational school of sports with distinct industry characteristics and outstanding advantages in school running.



Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程