Jiangsu University


Jiangsu University is one of the first batch of national quality accredited colleges and universities for studying abroad in China, In 2017, the "Belt and Road "Industry-Academia Integration Research Institute was set up to promote the construction of the "Belt and Road" international production capacity cooperation platform.The Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Class of the School of Energy and Power Engineering is approved by the China Scholarship Council for the "Silk Road" Chinese Government Scholarship Program. Up to now, the International Talent Class has cultivated more than 1,200 postgraduates in the energy power class, serving more than 100 "Belt and Road" industrial units and colleges and universities.

江苏大学是首批全国来华留学质量认证高校。2017年成立“一带一路”产学融合研究院,积极推进“一带一路”国际产能合作平台搭建,面向国家中长期能源发展战略需求,积极创新能源动力类学生培养模式,能源动力工程学院流体机械及工程班是国家留学基金委批准的“丝绸之路”中国政府奖学金办学项目。截至目前,“一带一路” 国际人才班已累计培养能源动力类研究生1200余名,服务于100 余家“一带一路”产业单位和高校。

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