Chongqing Bashu Secondary School



This activity is hosted by the CLEC and undertaken by Chongqing Bashu Secondary School. It carries out an online humanistic, language and cultural experience winter camp for the dissemination of Chinese culture. The activity lasted one week. International students from all over the world deeply experience high-quality cultural courses, participate in the online teaching of Bashu teachers, feel the style of Sichuan and Chongqing. Relying on the existing cloud course platform of Bashu Secondary School, the "Chinese Bridge" online group exchange project held by our school is open to schools in Thailand, Tomsk humanity lyceum in Russia, Xinzhong School in Indonesia and other schools, with enrolling 60 students. On the basis of Chinese courses, we will add courses and lectures on Chinese history and culture and Bayu culture, invite Chinese students and foreign students from Bashu to introduce living and learning in Chongqing from different angles, help Chinese Bridge exchange students understand the development of modern Chinese and Chinese education, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and attract foreign students to study in China.

本次活动由教育部中外语言合作与交流中心主办,重庆市巴蜀中学校承办,为传播中华文化而开展线上人文·语言·文化体验冬令营。活动持续时间为一周,来自世界各地的优秀外国学子深度体验精品文化课程,参与巴蜀中学校教师的线上授课,感悟川渝风采,一睹大国风貌。我校举办的“汉语桥”线上组团交流项目依托巴蜀中学现有的云上课程平台,面向泰国昂希拉中学、俄罗斯Tomsk humanities lyceum、 印度尼西亚新中学等学校,招收60名学生。在汉语课程的基础上,增加中国历史文化、巴渝文化课程和讲座,邀请巴蜀的中国学生和外籍学生,从不同的角度,介绍在重庆生活和学习,帮助汉语桥交流学生了解发展的,现代化的中国和中国教育,增进对彼此的了解和友谊,吸引外籍学生来华学习,让汉语桥交流学生对中文和中国文化的产生兴趣和认同,成为中文、中国文化的传播者。

General Courses 通用课程