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The online Winter Camp Cultural Experience Project named Kite City Weifang Embraces the Blue Sky is designed for overseas learners. Mainly based on Chinese language courses, it introduces the Kite Capital of the World, Vegetable Capital of China, the famous scenic spots Yimeng Mountain and the famous specialty Gaomi Mud Tiger. It is a combination of a new model of online language courses and cultural experience in the form of online live classes. People overseas who can't come to China could get to know Weifang and see how the barren saline-alkali land has become an internationally renowned Silicon Valley of vegetable industry by the exquisite videos.

“鸢都潍坊  拥抱蓝天”线上冬令营文化体验项目,以海外学习者为主要受众,以讲授汉语课程为主,介绍“世界风筝之都”、“中国蔬菜之都”以及旅游圣地“沂蒙山”、著名特产“高密泥老虎”为辅,利用线上直播课堂的优势,探索线上语言课程+文化体验的新模式。让无法来中国一游的海外民众,跟随我们精心制作的视频,看一看蓝天之下的鸢都潍坊,领略一下原来寸草不生的盐碱之地,怎样变成国际知名的蔬菜产业硅谷。

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程