Jilin Provincial Experimental School


Jilin Provincial Experimental School, which was founded in 1948, is the first public middle school in Jilin Province. The school is located in Changchun city, Jilin Province, beside the scenic South Lake, and has been awarded as "Changchun Garden-style Model School" for many times.  It plays the role of central school, demonstration school and experimental school in the basic education of Jilin Province.  Since its establishment 73 years ago, Jilin Provincial Experimental School has cultivated more than 60,000 outstanding graduates for the country and the nation. Today, with the modernization and internationalization of education, the school actively carries out interaction and exchanges with foreign schools, and establishes friendly relations with high schools and colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries. With a long history, rich experience, and ambitious goals, our school plays a domestic leading role not only in school space and hardware facilities, but also in curriculum planning, teacher training, management concepts and so on.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程