Jinan Preschool Education College


Jinan Preschool Teachers College has a history of 120 years. It is one of the 19 teachers' education bases in Shandong Province and one of the five first preschool colleges of the New China..The school attaches great importance to improving the quality of talent training. Two of its majors, primary education and preschool education are rated as national backbone majors by the Ministry of Education. The school has a professional layout with majors of teachers' education as the main courses, preschool education and primary education as its characteristics, the support and extension of majors of teachers' education as the future focus, and the combination of three has been initially formed. Enrollment was expanded to 15 provinces and cities across the country. The number of students exceeded 7000. The college has two campuses, Changqing and Minghu, covering an area of nearly 53 hectares and a construction area of 186,300 square meters. At present, there are 8 secondary colleges and 12 kindergartens under the group. There are 8 teachers’ education majors, including preschool education, primary education, Chinese education, mathematics education, English education, music education, art education and physical education, and 11 non-teaching majors, which are big data and accounting, digital media technology, marketing, financial technology application, big data technology, e-commerce, art design, early education, infant care service and management, artificial intelligence technology application, and educational travel management and service. The college has a pattern that characterized by teacher education specialty, expanded non-teaching education, and integrated pre and post vocational education. The school has built a community citizen learning guidance service center, "Quan Xue E-station" has become a well-known brand of community education in China. With more than 1.5 million participants, it has been rated as the national "lifelong learning brand project" in 2020 by the Ministry of Education.The school actively introduces and makes use of high-quality international educational resources, develops professional teaching standards and curriculum system connected with international standards, forms mutual recognition between professional courses in foreign high-level colleges, and builds a platform for students' multi-level, multi-dimensional and all-round development. It has signed cooperation agreements with relevant colleges and universities in the United States, Australia, Sweden, South Korea and other countries to jointly run schools in preschool education, teacher- student exchanges, talent training and so on.

济南幼儿师范高等专科学校有 120 年的建校史,是山东省19 个教师教育基地之一,是新中国创办最早的五所幼师之一。学校非常注重提升人才培养质量。小学教育和学前教育专业被教育部评为国家级骨干专业,初步形成了以师范类专业为主干,以学前教育、小学教育为特色,师范专业的支撑和延伸为建设思路,三线并进的专业布局。招生范围扩大到全国 15 个省市区,在校生数量突破7000 人。


学校建设了社区市民学习指导服务中心,“泉学 e 站”成为全国社区教育的知名品牌,参加人数超过 150 万,被教育部评为 2020 年全国“终身学习品牌项目”。学校积极引进和利用优质国际教育资源, 开发与国际标准对接的专业教学标准和课程体系,推动专业课程与国外高水平院校互认,为学生搭建分层次、多维度、全方位发展的平台。与美国、澳大利亚、瑞典、韩国等国家的有关院校签订了合作协议, 在幼教专业、师生交流、人才培养等方面合作办学。

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