Henan Polytechnic University


Henan Polytechnic University is located in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, which is a famous tourist city in Henan Province in the central part of China. Founded in 1909, HPU is the first mining institute in China and the earliest higher institute in Henan Province. She is co-supported by the former State Administration of Work Safety and Henan Province and one of the key public universities in the central and western area of China. HPU has well-established engineering discipline including safety engineering, mining engineering, measuring engineering and etc, with the disciplines of science, business, management, humanity developing cohesively. HPU, there are 22 schools covering 81 Bachelor’s Programs, 48 Master’s Programs, 6 Doctoral Programs, and 6 Postdoctoral Research Stations. At HPU, there are over 40 thousand students and more than 3000 faculty staff. HPU has 3 campus and 2 afflicted hospitals HPU is an international university. HPU has established a stable and cooperative relationship with almost 90 universities in 30 countries and regions. Now, over 300 international students from 23 countries are studying at HPU. HPU has 4 co-education programs accredited by the Ministry of Education in China with overseas universities and 5 international cooperative research platforms funded by the government of Henan Province.


学校工科优势突出,安全、地矿学科特色鲜明,理学、经管、人文、医学等学科协调发展。学校设有22个教学学院,拥有81个本科专业,48个硕士项目,6个博士项目,6个博士后流动站。学校现有在校生4万余人、教职工3000余人, 拥有3个校区, 2个附属医院。


Summer Camp 团组

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