Hangzhou Dianzi University


Founded in 1956, HDU has thrived alongside the development of the Chinese information technology industry, and has become a multi-disciplinary research-teaching university with an exceptional information engineering department, a distinguished department of economics and management, and places a special emphasis on the interdisciplinary exchange of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, art and other disciplines. In 2015, HDU was listed as a key university in Zhejiang Province. In the past 65 years, HDU has educated over 100,000 engineers and business managers, and is alma mater to one-third of the leaders of the top 100 Chinese IT enterprises. Because of this, HDU has been honored as a national “Cradle of IT entrepreneurs and Fertile Ground for excellent accountants”. HDU attaches great importance to its international engagement strategy, and has established numerous successful partnerships with more than 120 universities and institutes from around the world, in countries like Russia, France, Japan, Cyprus, UK, Malaysia, Belarus, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and others. In addition, HDU boasts more than 1,000 international students who have decided to pursue their studies here. HDU ranked first among the provincially-administrated universities for the past three years, and won the “International Strategy Of the Year” award in 2021.




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