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A Celebration on Ice and Snow for Millions of People is a global online course themed on the Beijing Winter Games presented by Beijing Sport University. The course has five sections, namely, the Winter Games Venues, Greetings from World Athletes, Winter Games and National Fitness Campaign, Winter Games and City Development as well as Winter Games and Chinese Language Learning. This course has a total duration of nearly 800 minutes. The course gives hands-on experience through onsite introduction and online interaction. In the Winter Games Venues section, the teachers go to the 13 venues in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition zones and explore the past, present and future sustainable development of the Olympic venues. In the National Fitness Campaign section, students can learn about the results achieved in the program of encouraging 300 million people participating in ice and snow sports in four aspects: participants, organizations, venues and activities. In the City Development section, students will learn how the Beijing Winter Olympics impacts the urban economy, society, culture, environment and sustainability. Besides, athletes, representatives of Olympic champions and heads of international sports organizations from all over the world also join in the course with their greetings. Students can also learn Chinese through the Winter Games topics as well as the spectating norms. The course relies on the high-quality educational resources of Beijing Sport University. The teaching team comes from Beijing Sport University with 8 teachers from the School of Management and 5 teachers from the School of Humanities. Based on pictures and videos, the course comprehensively presents the concepts of green, inclusive, open, and clean Olympics and the specific actions to present a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Games. Students from all over the world will be able to have hands-on experience of the magnificent Olympic venues and witness the popularity of ice and snow sports in China. This course aims to promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and Western cultures.




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