Jingxi Vocational and Technical School



The online Winter Camp Cultural Experience Project named “Charming Guangxi, minority customs“is aimed at young Chinese learners over 14 years old overseas as the main audience, mainly teaching Chinese courses, and at the same time showing the contemporary style of China, allowing students to learn relevant Chinese knowledge. This course is conducted through an online distance teaching mode, using live and recorded courses to carry out teaching.

“魅力广西,民族风情”线上团组项目,以14岁以上海外汉语学习者为主要受众,以教授汉语课程为主,同时展现当代中国风貌,让学生 学习相关的中文知识。 本课程采用在线远程教学模式,采用直播和录制课程进行教学。

Experiences 学习心得

General Courses 通用课程