Jilin Normal University


Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a key university of Jilin Province. There are two campuses,one is located in Siping City ,and the other is in Changchun City. Jilin Normal University covers 1 million square meters. The campus has a comfortable environment, complete infrastructure and complete supporting functions. The University focuses on education teaching and undergraduate teaching is its advantage. The university has 66 bachelor’s degrees that cover 9 fields of disciplines of conferring academic degrees of Literature, History, Law, Education, Science, Engineering, Arts, Management Science, and Economics. The university is one of Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students Under Chinese Government Scholarship. There are foreign students from over 20 countries to learn Chinese and professional lessons in the university. Jilin Normal University has active foreign exchanges and builds international cooperation platforms dynamically. Today, with friendly cooperation with more than one hundred universities and scientific research institutions in over 20 countries, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the university conducts broad and deep cooperation in the fields of exchange of teachers and students, academic communication, foreign experts introducing foreign knowledge, education of foreign students, promotion of Chinese, cooperation in running schools.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程