Hainan Middle School


Hainan Middle School is a nationwide elite institute with a history of about one hundred years. Its predecessor was the private Qionghai Middle School founded by Hainan modern educator Zhong Yanlin in 1923. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the school was changed from private-owned to government-administrated institute, and was given the name of Hainan Middle School of Guangdong in 1959. It was identified as one of the first batch of key secondary schools in Guangdong Province. After the establishment of Hainan Province in 1988, Hainan Middle School was affirmed as a key secondary school in the province. There are 98 classes in the school serving students from the 7th grade right through to the 12th grade, with over 7000 students and 485 in-service faculty members, including 389 full-time teachers. Up to now, more than 210 teachers have been awarded the title of National and provincial advanced staff. Among teachers who have participated in teaching competitions, teaching plan presentation competitions and evaluation of papers and courseware, there are 736 persons gaining the national and provincial prizes. 588 papers were published in newspapers and magazines at or above the provincial level. At present, there are 2 experts with State Department special allowance, 13 experts with remarkable contributions in Hainan, 15 special-grade teachers, 16 national leading teachers, 21 provincial leading teachers and 186 senior teachers. The number and proportion of its leading teachers, special-grade teachers and senior teachers also dominate the whole province. It is truly a school with intellectuals, which lays a solid foundation for it to cultivate a bunch of talents of different professions. Hainan Middle School adheres to the school policy of fostering integrity and promoting rounded development of people and the school motto -“Ethics, Wisdom, Pragmatism, and Innovation”, promotes the time-honored tradition of running schools; provides quality education in an all-round way; deepens the new curric





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