Wuhan University



Wuhan is an important city in central China and a representative of the Chu Culture. It is of positive significance that overseas Chinese learners are provided with the chance of understanding the history, geography, local customs and cultural heritage of Wuhan, and learning Chinese through cultural experience. In order to enhance communication and understanding between Chinese and foreign youth, and provide a platform for overseas Chinese learners to acquire the language and experience the culture, Wuhan University, in cooperation with Confucius Institutes in the UK and France, organized the “Learning Chinese in Wuhan University and Experiencing Culture Online” Chinese Bridge project. By participating in this program, students will have the opportunity to learn about the history and current situation, food and leisure, culture and education, scenery and famous spots of Wuhan , and complete a pleasant and practical learning experience of Chinese through cultural immersion. This module contains more than 200 minutes of teaching videos, which are divided into ten themes, namely “A Campus Tour at Wuhan University”, “Travel in Wuhan 1”, “Travel in Wuhan 2”, “Low-carbon Life”, “City Parks”, “Wuhan Food”, “City Memory”, “Beautiful ‘River City’”, “Seeking Tranquility out of the Hustle and Bustle” and “Ancient Instrument and Modern Village”.




General Courses 通用课程