Qufu Normal University


Founded in 1955, Qufu Normal University(QNU) has two campuses in Qufu, hometown of sage Confucius, and Rizhao, a coastal city, Shandong province. Since 2012, QNU has been selected into Application-oriented Prestigeous Universities in Shandong Province, the second batch of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model Universities, Outstanding Middle-School-Teacher-training Experimental Universities by the Ministry of Education, and the top 50 universities with typical experience in National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. QNU has formulated its spirit bestowed in its school motto during the 66 years—"Never be contented with your study; never be impatient with your teaching". At present, it has developed into a key and comprehensive provincial Normal University with prominent advantages in basic arts and sciences, coordinated development of arts, science, engineering, management and other disciplines, and distinctive features of carrying forward excellent traditional culture and training outstanding teachers.


Summer Camp 团组

General Courses 通用课程