Qinghai Minzu University


Qinghai Minzu University was founded in December 1949. It is one of the earliest universities in Qinghai and one of the earliest universities for Nationalities in New China. It is one of the first units to obtain the right to grant master's degree in China. The school has successively gone through the school running stages of Qinghai youth cadre training class, Qinghai People's public school, Qinghai national public school and Qinghai Institute for nationalities. In April 2009, it was renamed Qinghai Minzu University . Since its establishment, the university has always adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, shouldered the dual missions of the party's educational work and ethnic work, implemented the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people, served the national strategic needs and the development of ethnic areas, worked hard with the motherland, developed with the times and shared the destiny with Qinghai, and wrote a magnificent chapter in the reform and development of higher education in Qinghai.



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