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Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TUTCM) - Chinese Bridge Online Winter Camp of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture


In order to improve the Chinese language level of overseas teenagers and promote the spread of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture, with the strong support of the Chinese Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, International Education College of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, relying on the resources and strength of teaching staffs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and jointly working with the team of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, offers Chinese Bridge online winter camp of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture to international students. The Winter Camp will be conducted in the form of "Live Courses + Online Practice Activity + Video Course". The teaching content will take Chinese culture as the core, highlight the cultural characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Chinese learning and ability training. The purpose is to effectively improve the students' Chinese practical application ability through five weeks of studying and training, so that they can perceive Chinese traditional culture and preliminary understand Chinese traditional medicine knowledge. The learning content includes the following five modules: 1, Chinese Language Make use of Chinese teaching materials and online learning resources, focus on improving foreign students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, organize students' online interactive communication, and improve students’ communication ability in Chinese. 2. Overview of Chinese Culture Through special lectures on Chinese culture on different topics, students can have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the development of Chinese society, the characteristics of Chinese history and culture, the inheritance of traditional ideas, and the changes of people's life, etc. 3. Chinese Cultural Experience By teaching Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese paper-cut art, Chinese painting and opera, Chinese traditional costume appreciation and other contents, Combined with students' hands-on practices, so that students can experience Chinese traditional culture. 4. Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Introduce the basic theoretical system and thinking mode of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so that students can have a preliminary understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and understand the basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 5. Health Care Function of Traditional Chinese Medicine Introduce the concept and origin of health care skills and methods, demonstrate the Ba Duan Jin, and lead the students to experience and learn.













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