South China University of Technology


South China University of Technology (SCUT) is one of China’s leading universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and one of the national 211 and 985 project universities,which qualifies it as a prestigious and highly sought-after institution in China. Since its establishment in 1952, SCUT has developed into a major comprehensive university with prestigious disciplines in science and engineering as well as offerings in business, management, liberal arts, law and art design, etc. SCUT ranks among the top 200 in the World University Rankings 2021, and this year has also seen a dramatic progress of SCUT ranking in USNEWS, where SCUT is at the 15th spot in mainland China. SCUT comprises 34 colleges, which possess 31 first-class disciplines authorized for doctorates, 39 first-class disciplines authorized for master’s degree. The university has varieties of top-notch disciplines in the world. In the global ESI ranking, 9 disciplines are ranked in the top 1%, and 4 in the top 1 millesimal, which are Engineering, Material Chemistry, Chemistry and Agricultural Science. Seven disciplines, including Light Industrial Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning, Material Science and Engineering, Architecture, and Chemical Engineering and Technology, are ranked in the top 10 among Chinese universities. SCUT has developed its presence in the world considerably, and has played a more and more essential role in the development of global higher education.


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