Built in 1933, South China Normal University is a comprehensive university co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and Guangdong Provincial Government. As a 211 project key university, Locating in Guangzhou and having three campuses, SCNU is one of the first few high universities which are able to admit foreign students, the recipient of Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship, and one of the first "Chinese Cultural Propagation and Inheritance Base" assigned by Guangdong Government. SCNU now has 50 schools and research institutes, including 87 undergraduate majors, more than 200 master programs and over 100 doctoral programs. There are altogether 12 categories, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, agriculture, art and medical science. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education, four disciplines at SCNU, namely Psychology, Physical Education, Education and Marxist theory, ranked among the top 10% Chinese disciplines. Five disciplines, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Plant & Animal Science and Materials Science ranked top 1% in the World ESI. SCNU focuses on cultivating talents. There are 2,499 teachers and 40,165 full-time undergraduates,graduates, doctoral candidates, and 1,119 International students from over 100 countries and regions, forming a complete talent-training system of bachelor, master, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees. SCNU is active in international cultural and academic exchange, with its advantage of being close to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and its strength in teacher education. Links have been established with nearly 190 higher education institutions and scientific and research organizations at home and abroad. So far SCNU has established three Confucius Institutes in the city of Coquitlam in British Columbia Canada, and at the University of Reunion in France, and the University of Latvia in the Republic of Latvia.


学校现有50个教学科研机构,87个本科专业,200多个硕士点和100多个博士点。心理学、体育学、教育学和马克思主义理论4个学科进入全国高校前10%。化学、材料科学、工程学、数学、植物学与动物学、环境科学与生态学、社会科学总论、精神病学与心理学、物理学9个学科进入ESI 全球前1%。学科布局覆盖哲学、经济学、法学、教育学、文学、历史学、理学、工学、管理学、农学、艺术、医学等12个门类。



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