Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a major internationalized university in South China for its global-minded faculty and students, as well as its research on international languages, literature, culture, trade and strategic studies. GDUFS has a robust system in place for its dual focus on and coordinated sustainable development of both international languages and other non-language academic disciplines. It offers 68 undergraduate programs of study covering eight major categories of academic discipline: literature, economics, management, law, engineering, science, education and art. With 28 foreign languages available, the University is the only one in South China that boasts the greatest variety of foreign language programs. GDUFS vigorously promotes the in-depth integration of program-specific studies and foreign language training so as to nurture global-minded responsible person who are excellent in both ethical cultivation and academic achievement, strong in both cross-cultural communication and hands-on creativity, and with a deep love of the country. GDUFS maintains cooperative ties with more than 486 universities or academic institutions to date in 60 countries or regions. It runs seven Confucius Institutes or Confucius Classrooms overseas at Sapporo University in Japan, Ural State University in Russia, Catholic University of Santa Maria in Peru, Cape Verde University in Cape Verde, Confucius Institute at Ain-Shams University of Egypt, Confucius Institute at University of Porto in Portugal, and Zi wei Confucius Classroom in Australia. Upholding its motto of Pursuit of Integrity, Practice, and Cross-cultural Learning, GDUFS carries on quality-oriented development, speeds up reform and innovation, and vigorously promotes education internationalization so as to make GDUFS a well-respected university of high academic standing with distinctive features of internationalization.






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