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Henan University, founded in 1912, is located in Kaifeng, a famous historic city which used to be the capital of China during eight different dynasties. In 2008, Henan University formally entered the list of the universities which are jointly developed by the provincial government and the ministry; in 2016, the University was selected in the “111 Plan”; and in 2017, the University becomes a “Double First-rate” university. For more than 100 years, Henan University has developed 600,000 kinds of talents. Now Henan University is a comprehensive university with 12 branches of learning including literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, education and art. It now has 98undergraduate programs, 43 primary discipline Master’s programs, 24 professional Master’s programs, 20 primary discipline doctoral program and has 19 doctoral research centers. Henan University has a strong working staff of more than 4400 individuals. Among them, there are 21 full-time and half-time academicians as well as 1700 professors and associate professors. Now there are more than 50,000 students receiving a full-time education here. Among them there are nearly 11,000 postgraduates and more than 800 international students. There are publishers and various academic publications. Henan University Library has collected a paper book collection of 5,200,000 copies, electric book collection of more than 7,000,000 copies. Henan University has actively participated in internationalized education, and established partnership with more than 170 universities from 36 countries and regions around the glob. Welcome to Henan University!

河南大学始建于1912年,坐落在中国历史文化名城、八朝古都开封,是河南省人民政府和教育部签订共建高校,国家“一流学科大学”建设高校。百余年来,河南大学培养了各类人才近60万名。 河南大学是一所拥有文、史、哲、经、管、法、理、工、医、农、教育、艺术等12个学科门类的综合性大学,98个本科专业,43个硕士学位授权一级学科,24种硕士专业学位授权类别,20个博士学位授权一级学科,19个博士后科研流动站。现有教职工4400多人,其中专兼职院士21人,正副高级职称1700人;全日制在校生5万多人,其中研究生1.1万人、留学生800余人。 学校办有出版社和多种学术刊物,图书馆有纸质图书520万册、电子图书700多万件。 学校先后与40多个国家和地区的170余所高校建立了友好合作关系,是世界大学联合会和亚太大学联合会成员。 欢迎您来河南大学深造!

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