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The "Overview of Chinese Geography" online camp at Northeast Normal University is a Chinese geography course + Chinese history and humanities course for Chinese learners, in which Chinese geography is taught in conjunction with the language knowledge covered in the Chinese history and humanities course. The course is both knowledgeable and fun, with a Chinese twist, and is suitable for all levels of Chinese learners. China is one of the major birthplaces of human civilization. This magical and great land has magnificent mountains and rivers, a long history, a splendid culture and a wealth of natural resources. From the Himalayas and Kunlun, which are covered by snow, to the vast oceans and seas, from the windy deserts and grasslands with blue skies and white clouds, to the elegant water towns and mountains and rivers in Jiangnan, which are of great beauty and profundity. They all have their own characteristics, which together form the natural and humanistic landscape of China. The geographical environment is therefore the basis for the development of history and culture, and the first step to understanding Chinese history and culture is to become familiar with Chinese geography. Therefore, the Chinese Geography course will not only introduce overseas students to the basic geography of China, but also to its history and culture, so that overseas students can have a more comprehensive view of China.


中国是人类文明的重要发源地之一,在这片神奇伟大的土地上,山河壮美,历史悠久,文化灿烂,自然资源极为丰富,从冰雪覆盖的喜马拉雅、莽莽昆仑,到波澜壮阔的深海大洋,从朔风凛冽的茫茫大漠、蓝天白云的万里草原到锦绣江南的水乡雅韵、奇美幽邃的山川大泽,国土民风、环境资源、经济文化都各具特色,共同构成了中国的自然与人文景观。所以地理环境是历史文化赖以发展的基础,了解中华历史文化首先就应熟知中国地理。因此,开设中国地理课程不仅为 海外同学介绍中国基本地理知识,历史文化也将穿插其中,让海外学生更能立体的感知中国。

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