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The "Listen to Stories and Learn about Chinese Culture - Chinese Idiom Stories" online camp at Northeast Normal University is a course for Chinese language learners focusing on ancient Chinese idiom stories as well as the Chinese history and culture. The course is designed to teach the Chinese language in conjunction with the Chinese history and culture courses. This course is rich in Chinese characteristics and is suitable for all levels of Chinese language learners. Chinese idioms are a part of Chinese history and are a pearl of Chinese culture. They are the accumulation of Chinese history. Behind each idiom there is a story with a profound meaning. They are the essence of wisdom of the Chinese people over thousands of years. They are famous for their profoundness, simplicity and conciseness. Learning about idioms is not only a great way to learn about Chinese history, but also a great way to understand things, to learn knowledge and to learn the Chinese language. Therefore, learning about idioms is essential for Chinese language learners to learn about the Chinese culture. Idiom stories reveal the truths with stories of great imaginations and creativity. Idioms are pronounced as ”Cheng Yu” in Chinese, which means words that make sense. They are a very important part of the foundation of our country's cultural.

“听故事 懂中国——中国成语故事”东北师范大学线上交流营是针对中文学习者开展的中国古代成语故事课程+中国历史文化类课程,其中中国中国古代成语故事课程配合中国历史文化类课程所涉及到的语言知识点来进行汉语教学,课程由浅入深,富有中国特色,适用于各等级汉语学习者。


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