Tianjin Foreign Studies University



To enhance students understanding of Chinese language and culture, while strengthening the exchange of Chinese and foreign language education. The School of International Education of Tianjin Foreign Studies University, the Forbidden City Research Institute at Nankai University, and the Ming Qing Palace Research Center have come together to combine traditional culture, centered around the Forbidden City of China, along with learning the Chinese language, and launched a new culturally distinctive "Visit the Forbidden City and Learn Chinese” online group exchange project. Included are three teaching modules: "Forbidden Bookstore", "Traveling in the Forbidden City", "Online interaction". There are eight cultural themes of the Forbidden City: “First glimpse into the Forbidden City”, “Emperors of the Forbidden City”, “The Palaces of the Forbidden City”, “Architecture of the Forbidden City”, “The Magical Beasts in the Forbidden City”, “Treasures in the Forbidden City”, “Calligraphy and Paintings in the Forbidden City” and “Festivals in the Forbidden City”. Students are able to learn Chinese, improve communication skills, understand the history and culture of China, all while experiencing the wonders of China’s five thousand years of history, and "exploring" the Forbidden City.


General Courses 通用课程