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Welcome to ‘Wonderful Chinese” UK Youth On-line Camp! From here, you will enter into a 200 minutes of wonderful Chinese world : the sparkling sugar-coated haws on a stick(bingtanghulu) and the steaming hot chestnuts roasted with sugar at the entrance of old Beijing's hutong are waiting for you to taste, the majestic Great Wall at Badaling and the red leaves on the Fragrant Hill are waiting for you to visit. With the teacher, you will travel through the millenium into the heyday of Chinese classic poetry, have a romantic encounter with Li Bai and Du Fu, and also you may enter ordinary family in Chinese popular stories to feel the simplicity and wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. Here, you will see how China's Four Great Inventions spread to the world with the melodious sound of camel bells, which changed the course of history; and also you will see China's up-to-date space stories, and how the Chinese heros fight a battle of wits and courage with SARS and the COVID-19, which has created a legend for the whole world. Come and click!

欢迎来到“奇妙中文”英国青少年线上团组!在这里,你将进入200分钟奇妙的中文世界: 老北京胡同口亮闪闪的冰糖葫芦、热腾腾的糖炒栗子等着你去品尝,八达岭雄峻的长城、香山遍地的红叶等着你去探访;跟随老师,你将穿梭千年走进诗词的盛世,与李白杜甫来一场浪漫的邂逅,也能在俚语故事中走进寻常百姓家,感受中国古代百姓的淳朴与智慧;在这里,你将看到中国的四大发明如何随着悠扬的驼铃声传播到世界,改变历史的进程;中国的航天故事、与“非典”、“新冠”斗智斗勇的传奇都将在这里上演,快来点击吧!

General Courses 通用课程