Liaoning Normal University


Liaoning Normal University will host the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Language Learning Online Group Project from September to October. The project stimulates young people's interest in the Chinese spirit and increases their friendly feelings towards China through the display of characteristic culture and the experience of intangible cultural heritage projects. It plays an important role in telling Chinese stories, displaying Chinese culture and embodying Chinese values in international Chinese education. The program combines themed Chinese courses conducted in the form of academic training with language workshops. Participants will learn Practical Chinese listening and speaking 、correct pronunciation and practice via online communication with volunteers to comprehensively improve skill-set of listening, speaking.In order to enable students to experience the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage in contemporary China while improving their oral Chinese expression ability, we have arranged a number of traditional cultural courses: twenty four solar terms, beautiful legends, paper cuts, festival customs, etc., so that learners can understand China from all aspects and promote international exchanges and cooperation.  Volunteers from Liaoning Normal University postgraduates will communicate with participants online to form language learning pairs and help with language practice.




General Courses 通用课程