Beijing Foreign Studies University



From November 28 to December 5, 2022, BFSU Office of Confucius Institutes will hold the 2022 BFSU “China's Science and Technology” Online Winter Camp. The camp was held for 8 days, with 14 hours of live teaching, 5 hours of cultural experience.The participants will learn from each other through short but fulfilling exchanges, improve their Chinese language skills and experience the charm of Chinese culture at the same time, thus gaining a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of contemporary China.

北京外国语大学孔子学院工作处将于2022年11月28日至12月5日,举办 “科技中国”线上冬令营,为期8天,包括14学时的直播授课、5学时的文化体验。将通过短暂而充实的学习交流,彼此借鉴,在提高中文水平的同时,感受中国文化的魅力,从而更加全面、深入地了解当代中国的科技成果。

General Courses 通用课程