Beijing Foreign Studies University



From July 20th to 27th, the 2022 “Immersion & Impression” BFSU Online Summer Camp will be held for Chinese language enthusiasts and learners around the world. This 7-day camp will offer 10 class hours of Chinese language courses, 2 cultural talks, and 2 events for international youth forums, accompanied by a variety of pre-recorded video clips. The camp features the combinations of small-size language learning tutorials and large-size cultural talks, and of live and recorded videos. A total of 231 people from 14 countries signed up for this camp and will learn from each other in a short but productive journey. Aimed at demonstrating the charm of Chinese language and culture through online Chinese education, this camp provides a platform for students to improve their Chinese language proficiency and authentic expressions, perceive Chinese culture from multiple angles and gain a deeper understanding of China in the modern world. In this way, the camp has promoted the cultural exchanges and interaction between China and the world.


General Courses 通用课程