Resource Pool 资源库课程

Show You Around Shanghai, the Magic city


The course is designed to improve the proficiency of Chinese language and the understanding of Chinese culture. It features interesting and practical topics, including garbage sorting, transportation, food and drinks, and entertainment. It teaches simple and useful Chinese expressions and introduces cultural concepts through the course, students can learn basic and useful Chinese expressions and certain culture concepts.

上海外国语大学孔子学院工作处《带你游 ‘魔都’》系列课程设计了鲜活实用的主题课程,涵盖垃圾分类、交通出行、饮食购物、休闲娱乐等内容,既有简单实用的汉语表达,也有相关文化介绍,旨在提升学员汉语应用水平和对中国文化的了解。

General Courses 通用课程